Christian Berg


“Christian Berg Women” combines modern style and up-to-the-minute trends with traditional values and classic, feminine style. Our aim is to develop stylish, high-class fashion inspired by the current 'Zeitgeist' for our sophisticated female customers.

The “Christian Berg Women” collections interpret refined luxury in a unique way: a special wardrobe for every occasion at affordable prices, for which we claim to offer top quality fabrics, excellent workmanship and a superb fit together with an outstanding price/quality ratio.

Our collections range from timeless basics with unusual details to modern, feminine silhouettes, which reflect the current Zeitgeist in the form of true fashion statements. “Christian Berg Women” stands for a style which underlines the personality of our customers, radiating timeless elegance, without compromising on modern shapes and trends.


“Christian Berg Men” combines the current 'Zeitgeist' with traditional values and classic design. The brand thus sets a style which underlines the personality of the wearer, rather than disguising him. It gives him a timeless, superior appearance without compromising on fashionable highlights.

The “Christian Berg Men” range offers comfortable outfits for all occasions, from business to travel and leisure wear. The brand is a symbol of well-defined design and a solid sense of style. It gives our customers the great feeling of being perfectly dressed at all times. Offering top quality and workmanship at an excellent price/quality ratio are key elements of our self-image.

Our designers combine high-quality materials and a superb fit with the latest trends and fashionable highlights to create timeless collections. The targeted use of elegant details turns our fashion garments into something truly special – a piece of personal luxury.